Hi, I’m Zach! 👋

I am a visual designer in Amsterdam, starting something new and exciting soon!

I led the communications design team at Square, where I worked for the past five years. I also work with the modern parfumerie Call of the Vialed.

My writing on design tools and presentation design can be found on Medium. And I just launched a new project to share resources and guidance called presentation.design.

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Square creates tools that help sellers of all sizes start, run, and grow their businesses. Square was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

My role

I was the design lead on Square’s Communications team, designing presentations, documents, applications, webpages, and data infographics. Work is created for and presented to many stakeholders and audiences, including executives, investors, board members, and other internal and external groups. Data infographics are pitched to reporters for inclusion in news publications. Presentations include company-wide meetings, resources, templates, board of director presentations, investor relations materials (such as Analyst Day, IPO Roadshow, and Testing the Waters). Milestone documents include board of directors materials, quarterly earnings reports and shareholder letters, and other investor relations materials.

Document design

Square's Shareholder Letter

Explore the Shareholder Letter >

The goals with Square's quarterly shareholder letters are: clearly communicate the results of the quarter, emphasize highlights that shareholders, investors, and analysts need to parse quickly (such as the key quarter highlights and metrics), tell the story of Square’s sellers and through them Square’s story, and establish and maintain a Square look and styling.

Created in Adobe InDesign. Published November 1, 2016. See the full letter at square.com/investors or download here. Excerpt highlighted on VentureBeat.

Presentation Design

Square's Investor Day 2017

Square hosted ~80 investors and analysts to present it's purpose, financials, product overview, growth strategy, and other company highlights. This presentation was approximately four hours, and the replay of the event is available to watch, or download as a PDF, at square.com/investors.

Created using Keynote and Figma. Designed by Zach Grosser for Square, in collaboration with Kim Sampson, Jeff Chen, Stacey Finerman, Jason Lee, Aaron Zamost, Sarah Friar, Jesse Dorogusker, Kevin Burke, Jack Dorsey, Justin Nambiar, and Ty Lettau.

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Interface Design

Square's employee app

Browse the design file >

Explore the wireframe >

As part of a re-architecture of Square's employee intranet—to evolve, centralize, and curate key company information and deliver a more personalized experience—I am redesigning and updating an aging internal application.

My app design work is in parallel with the development of the new web-based experiences. This web re-architecture is being done by Nathan Blesse, Jimmy Nelson, Thomas Kunjappu, Sarah Bonta, Tim Morgan, Chloe Stokes, Karley Miller, Michie Cao, Ryan O'Donnell, Andrew Meier, and key stakeholders across the company.


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Success metrics:

Communication Design

Square Christmas Tree Report 2017

We've crunched 2016 Square data from holiday markets and Christmas tree lots to help identify the best days to find the perfect tree, the most popular trees across America, and their average prices.

Data and analysis by Sara Vera, storytelling and pitching by Remi Levoff. Designed in Figma by Zach Grosser.

Published in TIME.

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Call of the Vialed is a unisex, experimental perfume, sans synthetics. Call of the Vialed is owned and operated by Blev Lavoux.

My role

I assist with branding, label design and layout, and media and event elements for Call of the Vialed. Photography by Christina Viseu and Urban Outfitters, creative direction and perfuming by Blev Lavoux.

Branding and Identity



December 2012–December 2017


September 2011–November 2012

Alfred University

August 2009–June 2011


Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

200-Hour Teacher Training Certification, 2012–2013


September 2011–November 2012

Alfred University

Bachelor of Fine Arts, August 2009–June 2011


Creativity and Innovation

Guest lecturer for Alfred University’s MBA and Fine Arts graduate students March 2017

American Marketing Association

Guest speaker at Temple University’s American Marketing Association April 2017


Reading, cooking, museums, hiking, and movies from the ‘90s.